About Us

The Woman Veteran was created to address the needs and concerns of the female veteran community and provide a safe and respectful platform to discuss the issues that YOU find most important. As veterans, there are a variety of issues that affect daily life after military service including health, finances, benefits, employment and many others. These issues can certainly weigh on us!

Attempting to find direction online or even navigate the VA system can be exhausting and usually ends in frustration or, many times, we just abandon our efforts. In the past, women-specific issues have been largely ignored and necessary resources were completely unavailable. We would easily spend countless hours searching through an endless parade of websites only to discover it was a colossal waste of time and effort. This is unacceptable!

The frustrations in themselves should come with a "service-connected" rating! At The Woman Veteran, we are creating an online community that allows you to find the information and resources you need in one convenient site. Here, you can connect with other women veterans who share your concerns, and through this extraordinary community, each of us can offer our unique personal experiences to help others navigate the obstacles of post-military life. Whether you are newly separated or have been separated for years - no matter your branch, MOS or time in service; we are all in this fight together.

Join us in our mission to "Leave No Woman Behind".