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Welcome to TWV Community Forums - This online community is meant to be a "safe space" for discussion/support. In order to maintain the safe space environment all posts are subject to monitoring and removal at anytime.

The following is a short list of guidelines for posting:

  • This site strictly prohibits "coaching" participants in fraudulently obtaining VA benefits, i.e. Telling one another the best way to act in a physical exam! Members caught coaching or asking to be coached  will be warned once and further violation thereafter may result in being banned from the community forums.
  • Community members will respect each other.
  • This site is not a debate club. Think before you react. Realize that the same word or phrase may mean different things to different people.
  • Talk about yourself and your own experience.
  • You may ask questions of others, but do not challenge the validity of another’s personal experience.
  • Language ladies! Need we say more?
  • Do not generalize from your experience and feelings to the experience and feelings of others. Let people speak for themselves.
  • Do not attack, or try to hurt, or pass judgment on anyone, whether or not they are present.
  • Treat this group session as a private conversation, do not repeat elsewhere what is said here.
  • Stay on topic for the area you are posting.
  • Do not post or re-post items of a political, religious or graphic nature. 
  • This site is not meant to be a replacement for professional counseling, legal advice or medical advice.
  • The forums are moderated at random, if you would like to report a post for violating the guidelines, click report and a moderator will be notified immediately.

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